Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is Hip Hop Bridging the Racial Divide?

On the elevator ride to my office this morning, there was a millennial on his way to work listening to a very loud song on his headphones (he had removed them when he got on). I said "Who are you listening to?"  He replied, "That would be "Young Thug.""

He smiled, departed the elevator and  wished me a good day as he headed to his job at Merrill Lynch.

Times have really changed.  Or have they?  

I mean it's nice that music is universal, knows no colors, etc.  But I can't help but believe that this young man is enjoying "code switching" of a different nature.  He can listen to all the rap he wants as long as he checks it at the door.

We are used to living in two worlds, however, I just wonder what the "suits and ties" would think if they knew what he was doing before he logged onto his computer?

I will believe things have truly changed when I see a young Black man on the elevator going to his job at Merrill Lynch. 

I ride the same elevator every day and I can't count that I've seen even one.