Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review of John Legend at the Greek Theater on Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks, Lynn for the review and photos.

It was a great show at the Greek in Berkeley SOLD OUT - Vaughn Anthony, opened the show John Legend's younger brother, followed by India.Arie she was great I have not seen her before she preformed for an hour she introduced her crew at the end of the show - it was her last night opening for John and her Mom also can out and sang at the end she got a Standing Ovation, her Mom can really sing! She use to be a Motown singer her name is Joyce Arie. Oh, it was also, Vaughn Anthony's last night with John.

John came through the audience it was dark you could not see him you could only hear his voice and then all of a sudden he was standing in my row singing the Redemption Song and then made his way to the stage. He also sang "It's Over "and "Remember the Time" with a tribute to Michael Jackson. He was singing "No other Love" and I was wondering how was he going to sing that song without Estelle and just as it came to her part of the song John introduced her & she made a surprise appearance the crowd went WILD! and of course he did "Slow Dance" and pick a girl out of the audience to dance with him. The Show was also being shot for a DVD!

And when John came back to the stage dressed in a dark suit to sing his Encore of "Ordinary People" a fan made it to the stage and sat right next to him on the piano bench, and said "I love you John" security had to drag her off the stage & just as he was leaving the stage another fan made it to the stage and was right behind him. Security was not on their job that night - all I could think of was that they were so focused on shooting the video, but that's still no excuse.

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