Friday, May 13, 2011

Prayer Request: Singer Etta James Hospitalized

The one and only Ms. Etta James, is being treated at a Southern California hospital for an infection according to her son, Sametto James. As you probably know, Ms. James, 73, is said to be suffering the effects of dementia and reportedly, though not confirmed, leukemia.

Those of us of "a certain age" have enjoyed her sultry ballads (including "At Last") for many years. Etta has been through a lot in her lifetime, she's seen a lot and I'm sure she's helped and encouraged a lot of people along the way. As my late grandmother used to say, "When you're up you're with a crowd, but when you're down, you're by yourself."

Please send warm thoughts her way.

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Brooklyn said...

Oh, I am saddened to hear that Ms. Etta James is not well. I will certainly be sending out good thoughts for her. She can still "sang!". She sing sitting down and hit notes that singers 50 years younger can't reach standing flat foot. Her interviews are most interesting and she has such a wonderful sense of humor. I have most of her albums and my sister always treated me to her concerts whenever she would perform in our area.