Monday, July 18, 2011

The SAG-A Continues - Should US Airways Apologize?

You know the story.

Last month, a US Airways pilot removed and arrested Deshon Marman because passengers had complained about Marman's "sagging" pants.

Since it was revealed the US Airways allowed a white male passenger to fly in what would essentially be categorized as women's underwear, all charges against Marman have been dropped.

However, the San Francisco NAACP and others are demanding an apology from US Airways.

The airline refuses to apologize and I'm sure a lawsuit is on the way.

What do you think? Should Marman cut his losses, pull up his pants and move on? I mean, there are no criminal charges pending and he still has his scholarship (as of this writing).

Or, do you think that there is a double-standard in the airline industry (as in the rest of America)?

Should Deshon fight for what he believes or pick his battles?

I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Albeit, I am certain of the double standards, I think the young man shouldn't allow himself to get caught up in a well-publicized war cry where he will ultimately be the winner/loser. This is a prime opportunity for him to Thank God that his mother's prayers were answered in that he didn't get charged w/any crime and can keep his scholarship. He needs to focus on his studies and game and determine that he will be a sucess story. The best revenge is success. I pray that he will move on and stay focused on his future and not the plight of the world. He has time to do that after college and a bright football career. This is how you win!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the question should be what one particular young man should do- carry forward the fight or step back and focus on his personal success- it should be for all of us. All of us who are offended by the hypocrisy and barely-veiled racism demonstrated by US Airways, both at the time of the incident and subsequently, should be pressing forward with our questions and demands. It should not rest on one person's shoulders alone. It is not acceptable that US Airways should hide behind the position that he refused the pilot's order without offering some justification as to why the pilot and other employees of US Airways issued the order in the first place. They have no dress code, so what was the rationale for the request? They have none, and instead of acknowledging that they are citing "passenger safety." Excuse me? Passenger safety was threatened by sagging pants? US Airways is taking the easy way out and presuming that the pervasive racism in society will allow this to blow over without them having to own up to their staff's racist motivations. We ALL owe it to ourselves not to let them. So yes, Deshon should by all means dedicate himself to his studies and his football and his career. The rest of us need to step up.