Monday, January 2, 2012

Move Over Atlanta - "Real Wifeys Get Money" (An Urban Tale by Meesha Mink)

New Year. New Novel in the national bestselling Hoodwives series.

"Real Wifeys Get Money" in bookstores on January 10, 2012

Meet Harriett "Luscious" Jordan, a former friend of Goldie's and Minor character in "On the Grind," who now takes center stage and whose strong will and ruthlessness surpass even Goldie's.

Goldie's ex-business partner, rapper Make$, is serving hard time in prison for her brutal rape. His wifey Luscious finds herself out in the cold as his family and friends close ranks to protect his money. Like Goldie, Luscious is a first-rate hustler and she soon builds a successful business as a party promoter. yet the force that truly drives her is a blazing ambition to destroy Goldie. Luscious never forgave Goldie for stealing Make$ and she'll stop at nothing to exact revenge.

How far can she go in her bitter quest for payback without destroying herself too? In this powerful cautionary tale about the dangers of hatred and vengeance, fans of street literature will get a bold dose of Mink's authentic urban voice in a hood tale that reads with breathless passion.


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