Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brian Copeland's "The Waiting Period"

I got a chance to catch Brian Copeland's one-man show "The Waiting Period" at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco this weekend.

You have to admire a person who has the guts to stand up and pour out his soul to an audience of strangers.

And while his humor resonates throughout the show, there are parts, many parts, where you almost want to cry.

Depression is real. I've said it here before. And African Americans need to realize that it hits us too.

The show is thought-provoking, entertaining and very, very real. I'm still thinking about it two days later.

Brian Copeland's
Laughter in the Darkness
The Marsh San Francisco
Extended thru Sat, July 7

Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 5pm

No performances on
June 29, 30
July 6

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