Thursday, May 16, 2013

O.J. Simpson's Latest Bid for Freedom

Am I the only one who felt just a little sorry for OJ Simpson this week when he showed up in court in shackles?  

I actually didn't think I would ever care to write or really talk about "The Juice" again, but, I allowed myself to get sucked into a story about a man who not only doesn't know that I exist, but wouldn't give me the time of day.  

In fact, if OJ were freed today, I doubt he would "go back black."  But that's his loss.  

Seriously, though, how many people actually think the current sentence he's serving has anything at all to do with the alleged "robbery" that took place in Las Vegas five years ago when he went with his "muscle-men" to recover his property from that hotel room?

We all know that it's "the system's" way of making him pay for the deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.  And for the record, not only do I believe they really did fit, I believe he is a murderer.  I just don't think that's what he's currently doing time for.

But the sentence - 9 to 33 years - essentially "life" for a man who's nearly 66 years old now, is just a little harsh. He'll get what's coming to him.  But I guess the American public just wants to make sure they see him suffer - just a little bit.  On this earth.

I'm no lawyer, but it seems his defense team could have at least lobbied for him to appear in court in street clothes.  And shackles on his hands and feet?  Really?  He looked like "Django" (chained).

And even though, I've never been a Simpson fan (I'm one of those sisters who is still mad at how he did Marguerite), I was happy to see that even though they tried to break him down on the stand and embarrass him before a national TV audience, when he testified, I could swear he had a little "swag" left.

 Let God be the judge.  

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Anonymous said...

I'm not an OJ fan, but unfair is unfair. He was tried for murder and acquitted. Now, he is serving an excessive sentence for being felony stupid. I really believe OJ took one too many hits on the football field. He is not dealing with a full deck. He needs to be tested for concussion damage caused from his football days. In any event, you have to give him his props, he does not break under pressure.