Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baggage Claim - A Cute and Funny Romantic Comedy

Don't listen to the critics.  "Baggage Claim" is worth seeing.

No, this is not an Oscar-worthy film.  But it should at least get an NAACP Image Award nod.

I almost missed it.  Whenever I asked a friend if they'd seen the movie, their answer was either, "No," or "No, and I don't plan to see it."  Thank God, it lasted at least three weeks in the theaters.

There are some very teachable moments in this film.  And I think it's a great film for young women to see.  I plan to encourage my daughter and her friends to see it before it leaves the big screen.  At the very least, I'm going to buy it for her when it comes out on DVD.

The acting is good, the lines are well-delivered, and I laughed a lot.  Every time we make a film, it won't be historical, but it's entertainment.  And I'm happy to see filmmakers like David E. Talbert who are able to pursue their craft.  

We should support our art and applaud our hard working actors.  If we don't support us, who will?    

A delightful romantic comedy.

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