Monday, February 16, 2015

"Tree" Written by Julie Hébert, Directed by Jon Tracy and Performed at the San Francisco Playhouse through March 7, 2015

This review is a week late.  Forgive me.  However, you still have time to catch "Tree" at San Francisco Playhouse starring Tristan Cunningham, Susi Damilano, Carl Lumbly and Cathleen Riddley.

It all begins when a white woman gender studies professor's (Susi Damilano) from Louisiana and a chef's (Carl Lumbly) worlds intersect.

And while race is the central theme of this well written, fast-paced production it gets much deeper and relates to all audiences, of every race, creed and color as it shines a  light on what "family" is really all about and especially the origins of cultures in this country.

An all-around winner.

So happy I didn't miss this one.

Running time:  1 hour, 40 minutes (no intermission). 
(Spoiler alert/parent guide - one scene contains female frontal nudity)

San Francisco Playhouse


450 Post Street
2nd Floor, Kensington Park HotelSan Francisco, CA 94102

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