Friday, October 9, 2015

Is "Olivia Pope" The "Woman at the Well" or the Woman we wish we were? Scandal Musings

Shonda Rhimes is a bad sister.  A phenomenal writer with the intelligence to surround herself with other phenomenal writers to create a show that keeps us coming back for more.

Say what you want about Olivia Pope.  She's the baddest chick in DC right now.

I must admit until last night's episode, I wasn't sure "Scandal" could continue to hold my interest. 

Spoiler Alert!

When it seemed that Olivia (Kerry Washington) was going to move into the White House with Fitz after he kicked Mellie to the curb, I thought, "This is completely unrealistic."

But then when Cyrus (Oh, how I love thee) stirred the pot and forced Mellie to step up and sucker-punch Fitz, I thought, "Oh, hell yes!"

And while I don't condemn or condone the idea of married men or women cheating, you have to admit Olivia Pope is a force to be reckoned with.  She's that sistah you find yourself hoping your daughter will grow up to become.  In the words of Carl Carlton, "She's a Bad Mama Jamma!"

We have all been "Poped" and we're loving every sixty minutes (sans commercials) of it.

Thursday nights will never be the same.

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Anonymous said...

I've only watched a couple of shows. While I appreciate an African American woman being portrayed as intelligent and powerful. I think the moral message of the character is a dis-service to professional African American women, in general. I also feel it sends the wrong message to women in general about the use and abuse of power. Just my opinion. As stated earlier, I don't watch the show because I find it cheapens the perception of powerful African American women.