Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beyonce Serves "Becky" Ice Cold Lemonade, and in the words of Shaggy, "It Wasn't Me!"

They say revenge is best served cold.

If we are to believe that Beyonce's latest "video/biography" "Lemonade" is based on truth, which I do, then I'd say revenge is best served as cold lemonade.

I was very impressed with Queen Bey's latest.  It's art like we've not seen from her or anyone in a while.  Made me think about the '70s and Gil Scott Heron.

And if the album itself wasn't enough to set tongues wagging about her marriage, her dad, Blu Ivy and everything in between, how about when Rachel Roy thought it would be really funny to tag her instagram post with "Good Hair Don't Care."  Not only did the joke backfire on Roy and cause her to have to shut down her Instagram for a time, it may have also been career suicide to a large extent for this quite talented designer.

Of course, never to be outdone, or to let us have anything of our own, I'm standing by for the deluge of tee-shirts, mugs and the like which steal from Beyonce's most recent hit with hashtags of #becky, #lemonade, #goodhair and on it goes. 

What Beyonce did with this piece of work was not only make great music and art - she reclaimed any power that the haters in the general public may have thought they had over her success.  

Yes, as Queen Bey most aptly coined, "The best revenge is your paper."


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