Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sara Sidner - On the Front Lines in Mumbai

We've all heard and read and seen the images on television from the 60-hour melee/murder/rampage in India's Financial District over the las few days. The attack by suspected Islamic militants has left at this writing over 150 people dead and many hundred wounded.

What you may not have seen, if you were not watching CNN, is former KTVU Reporter/Anchor Sara Sidner, literally on the front lines.

Ms. Sidner was reporting the news while bombs were going off in the background and in one report, she was confronted by an angry mob (she said you could smell the alcohol on their breath) who demanded that she get the H-e-double-hockey sticks outta there!

Sara Sidner conducted her interviews with the utmost professionalism and showed what a true journalist looks like in a real live news situation. This was no fluff - I'm talking life-threatening danger. And "girlfriend" still looked good during the entire segment!

I am often frustrated by the lack of attention given to local anchors of color, particularly African Americans, in the Bay Area, who have so much talent that seems to - well, I'll just say, seems to not get the "fanfare" given some others.

So many times I've watched the news on KTVU and wondered why Sara Sidner isn't sitting in that anchor chair. Well, it seems God had something bigger for her.

I suspect we'll be seeing lots more of Ms. Sidner on the network airwaves from here on out.

That's what I call "Local Girl Makes Good."

You go, Sara!

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the scoop said...

I have been looking all over the internet for an explanation as to why the crowd was angry at her. Journalists are so remiss these days. So are the people commenting. Why are people that way these days? Too much pot? I'm sure in the 60's journalists would be looking into why the crowd was mad at her.