Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bobby Seale Honored By City of Richmond, California

Last night, February 3, 2009, the City of Richmond, California honored the Life and Contributions of Mr. Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Youth Jobs North Richmond Tutorial Program (1964) and of the Black Panther Party (1966) with a Proclamation recognizing his achievements.

While I was unable to attend this event personally, I watched it live via local cable. Ain't technology grand?

Mr. Seale still draws a large crowd and his presence and delivery is as eloquent and moving as it was in 1966. Mr. Seale attended the event with his lovely wife, Leslie Johnson Seale, and his son and daughter. His son was home on leave from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Bobby Seale delivered an address which should have been taped and broadcast in every classroom in the city and country. It was definitely quite a history lesson.

Word has it that Stephen Spielberg is in the process of making a film about the history of The Black Panther Party. Apparently, Will Smith is set to play Bobby Seale.

I hope that Hollywood keeps in mind, when making these movies, check with the folks who were there - like Mr. Seale.

Congratulations to Bobby Seale on yet another well-deserved honor.

Peace and blessings.

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