Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Company We Keep, Black Radio and Why I Love My Book Club

Our book club's latest selection was Mary Monroe's "The Company We Keep."

The book is based on the original screenplay by Roy Campanella, Jr.

It's the story of a successful radio executive looking for "Mr. Right."

It was a light, entertaining read, and I thought that Ms. Monroe's depiction of the entertainment industry, particularly Black radio, was very much on point.

In a previous life, I worked in radio as an assistant to one of the best Black radio veterans in the country. It brought back a lot of fun memories.

The last question in our discussion was "why is Black radio so important to the Black community?"

We all agreed that it makes us feel connected, a part of things and that like the Black church - we don't want to live without it.

We also agreed that in order to hear Black radio, you pretty much have to subscribe to satellite radio. That's how much the industry has changed.

I remember my late mother's tales of WDIA in Arkansas and how much she depended on those Black voices to keep her company (pardon the pun) when she transplanted from her native North Carolina.

We've got to make sure our voices continue to be heard.

Support Black Radio.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you continuing your blog and I hope it catches on because it provides information about some things that I might have missed in the community. You are also beginning to give us more of what you think--and that's a good thing.
Barbara Rodgers