Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Precious" - Kudos to Oprah and Tyler for Making This Movie Happen

I saw the movie "Precious" today.

I did not want to see the movie.

I did not read the book "Push," which was the basis for this film because the subject matter was too intense for me.

However, through the power of "google," I knew what the movie was about beforehand.

It's not pretty - it's pretty painful - but it's thought provoking. And as I watched it, through tears (and sometimes laughter), I thought, "If you're not giving anything back, what the heck is the point?"

AMAZING performances by all.

Gabourey ("Gabby") Sidibe might want to start working on an Oscar acceptance speech - and Mo'Nique would be wise to start picking out an outfit as well.

Paula Patton and Mariah Carey also showed up and showed out for this movie.

I give this one a "galaxy" of stars!

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