Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"My Times In Black And White" by Gerald M. Boyd

"My Times In Black and White - Race And Power At The New York Times"

So many books. . .so little time. This is the latest book I'm reading. I'm always reading five or six books at once.

For those who don't know, Gerald M. Boyd, was a journalist who became the first African American metropolitan editor and managing editor at The New York Times.

Under his leadership, the New York Times would earn Pulitzer Prizes, but as fate would have it, all did not end well.

Mr. Boyd "resigned" in 2003, after the fallout of the Jayson Blair (another African American "journalist," and I use that term loosely) plagiarism scandal. Unfortunately, Gerald Boyd got caught up in the corporate version of "driving while black."

The book's introduction, written by Gerald Boyd, is a story all its own.

This is a "must-read," especially for those of us (and aren't we all guilty at some point or another) who think that success is defined in large part by career.

Mr. Boyd died in 2003, at age 56, from complications due to lung cancer.

For me, this is one that is hard to read - hard to put down.

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Brooklyn said...

Or defined by what we think is a SUCCESSFUL career. Not realizing that one "Ah shucks" wipes out 500 "atta boys" or "atta girls" in the corporate world.