Monday, July 5, 2010

Chris Brown - Can His Career Be Saved?

In case you missed the 2010 BET Awards Show, Chris Brown did a tribute to Michael Jackson. I won't recap the entire event, but he was introduced by Jermaine Jackson. Well sort of. What Jermaine said was something to the effect of, "This is the one tribute that has never been done before. . .and here he is." Well, by the time people figured out who "he" actually was, the audience was already on their feet and some folks probably felt a lot like Michael Jackson wasn't really dead.

Yesterday, my daughter had some friends over and she played the awards show which she had recorded. When Chris Brown's performance came on, everybody had an opinion. A different opinion.

Chris Brown is arguably the only performer of his time who can actually dance and perform like Michael Jackson. His performance was so intense that Chris Brown broke down and cried, no, sobbed, no, bawled during his attempt at "Man In The Mirror."

The teenage girls' comments at my house ranged from "Too bad he's a woman beater," to "He is amazing," to "He's crying over his own problems," to "He's just faking."

Only time will tell if this 21 year old is "all washed up," or if he will make a comeback now, at a later date or at a much later point in his life.

(Anybody remember Al Green and the hot grits?)

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that you wrote about this. There is no question that Chris is a true talent who did a very bad thing!
I hope that youth proves to be on his side and that he will/has become a changed man who would never in a million years even think to put his hands on another woman.
Truth be told, I would NEVER allow my love one to date him but, I would not think twice about buying his CD, seeing him in concert, or seeing him in his upcoming movie.