Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anita Hill Apologize?? Homey Don't Think So!

I've heard it all. By now, you've all heard about that crazy message that Virginia Thomas, the Caucasian wife of Clarence Thomas (yeah, the one that eeked his way onto the Supreme Court) left for Anita Hill, now a professor at Brandeis University, requesting an apology for her testimony about Clarence Thomas' sexual harrassment and country indecent jokes ("Who has put a pubic hair in my Coke?") directed at Anita Hill some two decades ago.

Well, Anita Hill did exactly what she should have done and turned the voicemail over to the FBI. Explain that, Virginia.

At the time of the hearings, Clarence Thomas referred to the inquistion as a "high tech lynching for uppity Blacks." Well, I say he still needs an old-fashioned butt-whooping for Uncle Toms.

Anita told the truth.

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