Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Karen Hunter's "First One Publishing" Launches Today!

Since the emergence of the ebook, publishers have been scrambling to find their way along this winding, digital speedway. People have shifted their reading habits from terrestrial books, and the market has been driven by devices—The Kindle, The Nook, The iPad—not driven by content.

That’s about to change!

From the clay tablets to papyrus, from Guggenheim to Random House the one thing that hasn’t changed is that a book is still a book—produced from the mind, the spirit and the soul of a person. With that philosophy, First One Publishing will focus on digital books. But more than that, it will focus on the people who produce those books.

It’s time for the producers of books to reclaim their power.

First One Publishing is the first major publisher to put the ebook first. Our focus is on all things digital—from the ebook, to the trailer, from the audiobook to the songtrack (music to accompany our books).

We are also the first publisher to truly put the focus on the author.

“In this world, people relate to people,” said First One president Karen Hunter. “Our publishing house will focus on people who tell great stories, and people who are great stories.”

First One Publishing will launch with a contest, a search for the next great story teller. We will do a worldwide viral search that will culminate in a digital publishing deal and a global marketing campaign for the winner.

Each month, First One will educate, entertain and enlighten with new releases and new titles added to our free ebook library. There will also be book, T-shirt, ereader and tablet giveaways as well as special announcements of new partnerships and initiatives.

Welcome to the future of publishing…*

(*From the First One Publishing website)

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