Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Murder or Suicide? Are We Our Brother's Keeper

Dr. Conrad Murray went on trial in Los Angeles yesterday where he stands accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Prosecutors have scheduled 30 witnesses to testify at the preliminary hearing before Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. You all know the story. "Dr. Feelgood" was hired to help Michael prepare for his comeback tour. Dr. Murray is accused of gross negligence when he administered propofol, which the doctor alleges Jackson demanded to get to sleep.

Now, we all gotta do what the boss tells us to do, but come on, what ethical doctor does what Dr. Murray clearly did which was to set up a virtual hospital room inside Jackson's rented home. And surely the good doctor didn't think he was being paid $150,000 a month simply to prepare protein shakes.

On the other hand, Michael Jackson was a grown man. How much responsibility did Michael have for his own death?

Well, in my opinion, Michael Jackson, was one of the most gifted, if not the most gifted entertainer we will ever know. Obviously, he had a lot of layers of sadness beneath the many disguises but I happen to believe that addiction is a disease. Disease is treated by doctors. Dr. Conrad Murray is a murderer. Plain and simple.

What do you think?

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