Saturday, March 19, 2011

Student Behind Racist Rant Decides To Leave UCLA

One thing we all know about the internet is that nothing is private. So, freedom of speech aside, if you're going to go on a tirade and you don't want to suffer any possible backlash - don't do it on YouTube.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the UCLA student (third-year undergrad) who posted this hateful video blasting Asian students for talking on their cell phones in the library. But she went further. She even complained about them being in her building and their families visiting and was clearly just irritated by the fact that Asians were at UCLA.

I first heard about this video gone viral on Tuesday but today was the first time I had actually seen it. Oh. My. God. The bigger story here is not how she is so clearly Ms. Anonymous rants about the "hordes" of Asian students that "UCLA accepts into our school every year," but how there is a whole new generation of racists on the prowl. I don't know if it's Sarah Palin or the Tea Party or the Confederate Flag which is to blame, but clearly, we're all in big trouble.

The figures I read this morning were that at least 37 percent of the school's 26,000 undergraduates are Asian, 32 percent are white, 16 percent are Hispanic and 4 percent are black. So, it seems the only reason this student (whom I won't name here) didn't bother to target blacks in the library is because there aren't enough blacks at her school for her to even notice or care. That's another post, another subject, another day.

But more importantly, if you look on the internet for this student's "viral video," you might be surprised at how she ever got into UCLA in the first place. I know many qualified black students who were denied admission last year. But, interestingly enough, "Ms. Daisy Duke," has made it there for three years. In those three years, did none of her UC courses teach her anything about political correctness? Or, what about just plain old-fashioned common sense?

It makes me sad and afraid. Very afraid.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the end result of "Mzhowdareyouwantaneducation" being so comfortable with her "public service announcement" has taught her a valuable lesson. Loose lips sink ships. As in - any scholar"ship" she may have hoped to get or acceptance into UCLA grad school.