Friday, April 15, 2011

Brother, Can You Spare A Stamp?

As the kids say, "SMH." If you're not as hip as me (smile) that means "shaking my head."

I woke up this morning to clear skies and a great attitude. After all, it's Friday. On my way into Starbucks, a guy on the street, cup in hand, asked me, "Do you have any stamps? My partner has three strikes and he asked me to send him some stamps."

Wow. Another Black man in the system - for life - or at best, the greatest portion of what's left of it.

I really don't know what to say or who to blame. But I do know that we need to stay vigilant, mentor where we can, help where we must and stop the Tea Party before it gets any worse.

Oh, and if you know anyone who is incarcerated, maybe drop them a few lines of encouragement and wisdom and a few stamps.

Peace and Blessings.

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