Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nick Ashford Dead at Age 70

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the news last night that Nick Ashford had passed away from lung cancer. Even though none of us are immortal, didn't we just think that Nick and Valerie would be that one immortal duo?

Honestly, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

And talented.

Before they began performing as a duo (something that was discouraged and not supported by Berry Gordy), they were already penning hits for other artists. Remember, Ray Charles' "Let's Go Get Stoned!" Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell ("Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing").

I can't even begin to imagine the void in Valerie's life right now. I mean, we'll all miss him. Even those of us who didn't even know him personally but came to believe we did through his music.

Blessings and condolences to all of his friends, family and fans around the world.



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