Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goodbye, Herman - We'll Miss You - NOT!

Well, who would have guessed? Probably most of the country.

Today, Herman Cain dropped out of his bid for the 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Actually, what he said was he was "suspending" his campaign. But he only said that after he said a whole lot of nothing.

Gloria Cain stood by his said, or more precisely, stood behind him, while he went on and on about how all the people who are "ruining" our country, ruined his campaign with "false claims."

I'm not really sure how one suspends a campaign. But if I understand how things work correctly, he gets to keep the cash in his campaign coffers. Oh, yes. He also said that his presidential run was Plan A. Plan B is much better. Plan B is the roadmap that lays out exactly how he gets to get what' in the till, while continuing to raise more cash.

Lastly, he said that he would be endorsing another candidate in the very near future and it won't be the current occupant of the White House.

I'm sure President Obama was happy to hear that. The last person he needs is Herman Cain.

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