Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review of Charlie Wilson "I Am Charlie Wilson"

I just finished reading “I Am Charlie Wilson” and feel good that I have received one of God’s examples of grace.  Charlie Wilson is a man who worked hard at what he loved but allowed a disease to go unchecked.  

As his story reads, he had many reasons to be at odds with the world given his absent father, over-worked single mother and competing worrisome siblings.  

He shares that his outside persona and hysterical fan base, belied the truth that was his shyness and lack of fortitude which made him susceptible and a victim to the vices that are symptomatic of dis-ease.  

Oh, but for the Grace of God and the work of Angels, Charlie, last name Wilson, found himself being picked up and put back on his feet with a greater sense of purpose and strength than he had ever possessed.  He came to not only strip away the disease of addiction but he found a power greater than himself to lead the way to a fuller more purposeful life.  His already great gift of song and performance was enhanced and like the territory of Jabez was widened.

Good going Charlie.  Thanks for Sharing.

(Reviewed by "Anonymous")

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