Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It" - Hurricane Katrina - Ten Years Later

It's hard to believe it's been ten years today since we saw the horrendous tragedy that hit New Orleans in the form of a hurricane.  A natural disaster that no one could stop but many didn't prepare for - starting at the top with the Federal Government.

It's ironic that while we're in the midst of wondering, hoping and praying who will or will not be the next President to succeed President Barack Obama, the media is once again back in New Orleans to revisit what has transpired in the ten years since "Katrina" as she's come to be known (by only one word) ripped apart a city, families, communities, cultures and changed lives forever.

If there is anything good that came from this disaster, it was opening America's eyes (even when didn't want to see) to the fact that there are people suffering from poverty, lack of proper housing, clothing, streets, medical care and who just plain are being treated less than human right here on American soil.

For me, it introduced me to children whom I've never met personally but I've come to know and love.

New Orleans is still suffering a decade later.  People have been displaced, dispatched, relocated and will never return to home as they knew it for generations.  There were over 1800 lives lost.

In the immortal words of George Santayana, "Those Who Cannot Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It."

Don't forget.  We can't forget.

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