Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arrested for Sagging Pants?

Okay, I've heard of "driving while black," but what happened at San Francisco Airport this week calls for a "Pants on the Ground" remix.

According to news sources, Kevin Doherty, a football player at the University of New Mexico was boarding a US Airways plane after attending his high school friend's funeral in San Francisco.

Apparently, someone saw a young black man with dreads and sagging pants and panicked. The airline received a report of "indecent exposure," the flight attended asked him to pull his "pants off the ground," and now Mr. Doherty is facing a lot of charges and the possibility of having his college scholarship revoked.

Freedom of Expression is real - but young black men need to know - just because we have a Black President doesn't mean that they're not watching us - closely. And remember, it's summer and there are tourists from all over the country. You just can't be scaring people from middle America like that.

Seriously, I hope the airline will reconsider the charges against this young man and that his academic institution will show him some leniency. We all make bad choices and I think this is one situation that got completely out of hand.

Peace and Blessings

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Anonymous said...

Once again I hate the sagging pants, but it is a style my mother hated the hot pants and mini skirts of the 70's but allowed us to express ourselves. This is an ugly style and shows no masculinity young men need to put their waistband around their waists. Saying that this is a direct violation of his constitutional rights the freedom of expression. I hope he sues the Airline, the stewardess and the Police for false arrest. I hope that he gets millions! Why should his scholarship be in jeopardy for some over zealous fools? The stewardess was totally out of order to tell him anything about his dress! It is discrimination. I have a problem when women board planes with their dresses up to their navels coming on in catssuits and the like. They don't go to jail and neither should have he! But young man think about this don't walk around humiliating yourself with your ass hanging out you are better than that@