Saturday, June 25, 2011

Charges of Racial Profiling Against U.S. Airways Lodged by NAACP


NAACP Mounts Protest Against Racial Profiling by U.S. AIR

The San Francisco NAACP joins Mrs. Donna Doyle in protesting the mistreatment of her son, Mr. Deshon Marman by U.S. Airways and the San Mateo County Police Department. Mr. Marman, a student and football player at the University of New Mexico was arrested per request of U.S. Airways by the San Mateo Police Department when he did not immediately pull his pants up while boarding the plane.

As President of the San Francisco Branch NAACP, Dr. Amos Brown decries African American youth being subjected to double standards of such imbalanced law enforcement. While we have great concerns with the baggy pants fad and believe that when in public young people should always present themselves in a respectful and dignified manner, it is clear that in this case the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

This unjust enforcement also represents a double standard as we have the facts that just six days before Mr. Marman’s incident, according to Philip Caulfield of the New York Daily News (website article), U.S. Airways let a “scantily-clad cross dresser” fly free of harassment or discrimination.When asked why a cross-dresser would be allowed to fly without any bother, the airlines has said they have no dress code. It is the contention and concern of the NAACP that if there is no dress code, why was this young man singled out and arrested?

It is around this question and concern that a press conference has been arranged for Friday, June 24th, 2011 @ 10:00a.m. in the lower level of the Administrative Building of Third Baptist Church, 1399 McAllister St. Then, this Sunday, 26th, Mr. Marman’s mother, Ms. Doyle, will appear at Jones Methodist Church, 1975 Post Street, San Francisco, CA @ 3:00p.m.where the NAACP will host a public forum addressing this and other issues regarding the quality of life for African Americans in the City and County of San Francisco.

For any further questions please call (415) 559-2978.

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